Playing Guitar... May Not Be What You Think It Is...

Playing Guitar... may not be what you think it is. It just might surprise you but... what you do on guitar, "Playing Real Guitar"... with all the correct techniques and movements... may offer an  enhancement of almost every area of your life, that could take you to new and higher levels of your own personal development .

Guitar has been a major influence for much longer than most of us could ever imagine. The instrument is not just a couple of hundred years old as often told to us, and believed by many to be... but it is ancient in it's ancestry. Ancient to the extent of thousands of years old, and it is not the offspring or descendant of the Lute, Violin or other string instruments... but in fact the origin of all these others as it's basic concept, design and tuning...and it's name... precede every other string instrument on Earth. This Is Guitar! This is where all the others came from, and what they all evolved out of. This Is Guitar ... the history and facts about which most have been hidden, and all but practically erased... and sometimes, deliberately by those wishing to disguise, destroy or disavow the truth for their own purpose or glory.

Just as with many other historic alterations and outright lies... we are just now being made aware of, various sectors of the population chose to hide or deny the facts about the guitar. Not unlike the truth about Christopher Columbus not being the first to discover what was a new continent... The Americas. The Vikings apparently came ashore on our land hundreds of years before Columbus, and we must not forget to mention the Native Americans who migrated here from elsewhere long before that. And there's even evidence that Romans may have visited prior to the Vikings. These, and tons of other historic facts have been either forgotten, destroyed or hidden from the population... often for the benefit of the story tellers and others. Another good example is the famed Library Of  Alexandria... known to have been destroyed to hide evidence that if presented would have all but ended the development of various religions, religions that are those of the mainstream today... and if the truth had been known perhaps these religions would be almost unknown today, or just a simple entry in history books. The examples are endless of similar lies, deception and fraud and with The Guitar it is no different.

So what? Who really cares about the truth as pertaining to the guitar, and what does it really matter? After all the guitar is surly not as important as the discovery of the new world, or the development of any world religion.  It's not about to be a cure for the plague of the century...cancer, or any significant current day problem such as the economy, the environment or education. Why then such emphasis placed on this noise making device... after all it's just music, right? Yes it's just music... however what is music really, and why did it and such things as musical instruments develop in the first place... and in particular, the Guitar. Well, these are the questions to be addressed and answered... and in doing so present the outstanding lineage and history of guitar and it's descendants the entire string family... including the piano... none of which we would have today if not for the guitar.

Therefore, as stated at the outset of this introduction... Playing Guitar May Not Be what You Think It Is. It is far beyond the mere playing of songs, or even writing new music... far more than being an entertainer, or even just having fun. Playing Guitar is an introduction to and a system for the development of a set of skills that affect the very essence of practically all we do... enhancing them so that we can do them better... and help in the further evolution of a higher level of skills that all mankind can benefit from. And, the guitar has been for thousands of years, as well as yet today still at work doing it's very job of moving humanity forward to new discoveries and a better life. This is no joke! This is the Real Story, "This Is Guitar".

Craig Smith

The Ancient Guitar... A Legacy From The Past

Images from Craig Smith's "The Art Of Guitar"